Case study: Sheridan Nurseries partners with Carraway for parking lot management

At Carraway, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to apply our skillset to help businesses thrive. 

During a recent visit to a Sheridan Nurseries location, Daniel Grima, Managing Partner of The West Egg Group —  Carraway’s parent company — noticed that they had significant parking, flow, and traffic issue on-site. Knowing that his business could help improve their operations as well as the guest experience, Daniel reached out to the business to discuss Carraway’s parking management services. “I knew that in order for Sheridan Nurseries to optimize sales, they first needed to create an arrival, parking, and egress experience that was pleasing for guests and reduced the burden to employees during what is their busiest season said, Daniel.”

Services startup to support the busy season

Sheridan Nurseries welcomed the conversation and an agreement fell into place quickly, with services starting on June 7, 2021, and scheduled for weekends throughout the summer months. 

To date, the program has been very well received, with guests finding it easier to visit, park, and patron the business. And for employees, Carraway’s support means happier customers spending more time browsing and buying than searching for convenient parking and navigating plant-pick-up logistics.  

As a predominantly seasonal business, Sheridan Nurseries sees the greatest number of guests during the spring, fall, and Christmas seasons. Carraway is poised to continue its operations on-site during these times to ensure better parking and flow management and a consistently pleasant customer experience. 

Services include:


  • Lane closures as required
  • Traffic services
  • Ensuring the safe arrival of vehicles on-site 
  • Minimizing the chance of accidents on the main road
  • Parking maximization services so ensure that all available spaces are used
  • Ensuring the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, and property in a busy space

Job creation at Carraway

The addition of this new contract means that 3-4 Carraway team members will be assigned to the site(s) each day. Their responsibilities include:


  • Executing the above traffic management services with the utmost attention to detail 
  • Deliver a superior customer experience
  • Ad hoc customer support as needed


We are thrilled about this budding new partnership and look forward to serving Sheridan Nurseries and their customers in the coming months.

The Carraway difference


Other businesses opt to hire a security company to manage their busy traffic times, however these individuals are often ill-equipped to effectively oversee the safe flow of traffic and pedestrian movement. 


At Carraway, our unique skill set allows us to provide a holistic approach to vehicle and traffic management — one that includes a strong focus on safety for all those sharing the space, including pedestrians. Our vision is simple and straightforward: Safer roadways for all who use them. We center all of our operations around this mantra to ensure that our clients, and their employees and guests, are served the best (and safest) possible experience. 


For businesses that require a strictly security-focused approach (that does not include parking and vehicle management), we bring in the expertise of our sister company, The West Egg Group Security Services to create a security and protection plan that meets the needs of the business while exceeding their expectations on the delivered experience. To learn more about these types of services, contact us.