City crossing guards step up to help with COVID-19 safety measures

This year, as children returned to classrooms across the city, a new everyday hero emerged. 

To protect and support communities, The City of Toronto implemented safety measures to help the public feel, and stay, safe — an initiative that extended to city crossing guards. In just a few short weeks, we’ve seen these Crosswalk Safety Ambassadors become agents and advocates for improved health and safety. 


Working in partnership with the city, Carraway Safety — the organization overseeing the management of the Crosswalk Safety Ambassador program — ensured that all guards were trained in COVID-19 health and safety and were equipped with masks, hand sanitizer, and a hand whistle. This innovative new piece of equipment is more hygienic and doesn’t require the removal of a mask or a deep exhaling action, important features amidst a pandemic.

“These crossing guards are community stewards,” said Roger Browne, director of traffic management in Toronto during an interview with CityNews. “They really care about the children that they help across the street every single day.” 

And, there’s been an overwhelmingly positive response from guards. “They’ve shown great appreciation for being properly outfitted to serve their communities and are happy to be role models for the children,” remarked Owais Memon, managing director at Carraway Safety. “Part of their daily routine now includes reminding children to wear their mask, wash their hands, use hand sanitizer when soap and water aren’t readily available.”

As the first people that many students saw as they went back to school, the Crosswalk Safety Ambassadors have been able to make a real impact and the added focus on health and safety has already begun to yield praise from parents and have a positive impact on the communities at large.

The city’s crossing guard program is the largest of its kind in Canada, with 742 crossing guards stationed at school crossings and intersections throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Look for the Carraway Safety team making the Blue Jacket Difference at a crosswalk near you.

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