General Housekeeping Policy


Carraway Inc. is committed to providing a welcoming, safe, and secure professional environment for its employees, customers and visitors. This policy will identify employee responsibilities with regards to maintaining break and lunchrooms, washrooms, and individual workspaces. By maintaining the cleanliness of these areas, we can decrease the number of illnesses associated with poor hygiene, and mitigate the risks associated with slips, trips, and falls due to poor housekeeping.

The general state of the workplace with respect to cleanliness and housekeeping reflects, not only, the pride we take in our organization, but also our concern for the safety of ourselves and fellow employees and visitors to our premises.


Break and Lunch Rooms

Carraway Inc. employees will be required to ensure that all break rooms and lunch rooms are maintained in a clean and orderly fashion. In the use of these rooms, employees are directed to clean and tidy up after themselves by wiping any surfaces used with the materials provided (paper towel, soap, and water), cleaning any dishes used, placing any refuse into appropriate waste/recycle bins, and placing furniture and other items in the place where they were originally found. Personal coffee mugs, containers, and utensils must not be left dirty in the sink or room.

Carraway Inc. will provide appropriate cleaning supplies for each break room and lunchroom. These supplies will include the following:

  • Soap

  • Paper Towels

  • Surface Cleaner

Cleaning supplies will be monitored by our Operation Team and restocked as necessary.

While each employee will be responsible for cleaning their own dishes, and tidying after themselves, Carraway Inc. will assign responsibility for the final tidying of the room every Friday to the Lead/Supervisor on staff that day, the Lead/Supervisor may delegate this task to another employee on-site on Friday but not that same staff member more than once per month.

Fridge Cleanliness

  • All employees using the refrigerator (if available on-site) will be expected to label their containers with their names and the date.

  • Employees are expected to throw away or take home any food containers at the end of each workday.

  • The fridge will be cleaned and checked at the end of each week on Fridays by either the Lead/Supervisor or the staff member delegated this task to review the dates of the containers in the refrigerator and ensure its overall cleanliness.

  • Any containers in the refrigerator that are found to be over two (2) days old will be thrown away or recycled.

  • The Lead/Supervisor shall be responsible for overseeing the maintenance and cleaning of the refrigerator.

These procedures are applicable to all Carraway Inc. employees who use an on-site company refrigerator.

Microwave Cleanliness

  • All employees using the microwave, if available on-site will be expected to cover their food appropriately while heating to minimize unnecessary spills and messes inside the microwave.

  • Where spills or splatters occur that create a dirty microwave, the employee will be required to clean the microwave using the cleaning supplies available in the break/lunchroom.

  • The Lead/Supervisor shall be responsible for overseeing the maintenance and cleaning of the microwave.

These procedures are applicable to all Carraway Inc. employees who use an on-site company microwave.

Individual Workspaces

Employees working in a shared environment are required to keep their work stations/areas neat and tidy at all times as cleanliness shows respect for yourself and also the individuals you work with. Employees should:

  • Ensure that their workspace/area is free from any and all health and safety hazards.

  • If you discover a health and safety hazard report it to management immediately.

  • Keep clutter to a minimum, this means ensuring all papers, documents, and other files are not left lying around in stacks either on the floor or on the desk/work area;

  • Ensure garbage is not left lying on the desk or in your work area. Utilize the appropriate garbage and recycling receptacles for any refuse;

  • Ensure that personal items, such as shoes, coats, purses, umbrellas, etc. are not placed in such a way as to create a tripping hazard. Personal items should be stored in an organized manner in appropriate areas.

End of Shift

At the end of each shift and before leaving their workspace/area, each employee shall:

  • Clean/Tidy their work area and restore any tools/materials that have been used to their assigned storage space;

  • Dispose of accumulated waste and remove unused materials from the workstation/area;

  • Report any necessary preventive maintenance that should be completed for tools and equipment;

  • Report changes in inventory and supplies, if applicable.

Failure to abide by the guidelines outlined in this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.