Travel Policy (Global Pandemic)


Travel during a global pandemic may present an increased risk of infection and facilitate the spread of illness. In acknowledgment of this risk and to protect the health and safety of our employees, Carraway Inc. has established this policy regarding travel and business continuity in the event of a global pandemic.


Global pandemic: A global spread of disease in the human population, including at the community level.

Self-quarantine (self-isolation): Self-isolation at home to avoid contact with others in order to prevent transmission of the virus at the earliest stage of illness.



Travel Restrictions

Unessential Business Travel

During a global pandemic, Carraway Inc. will suspend all unessential business-related travel to known outbreak locations in order to protect the health and safety of company employees.

Depending on the situation, all unessential business travel may be suspended, even to areas without a known outbreak, in order to help reduce the risk of employee exposure to the disease.

Restrictions on unessential business travel will be at the discretion of the Human Resources and Operation Managers and will be communicated to staff.

While business travel restrictions are in place, meetings requiring travel that are affected by the restrictions will be rescheduled to a later date, or if possible, conducted over the phone or using videoconferencing. The company will continually monitor the pandemic situation and re-evaluate business travel plans as needed.

Personal Travel

Carraway Inc. strongly advises employees to avoid personal travel out of the province during a pandemic. However, the company acknowledges that employees may need to travel for personal reasons during a pandemic. If an employee chooses to travel out of the province during a global pandemic, they are encouraged to disclose the travel to management.



Mandatory Leave

In the interest of protecting the health and safety of all employees, Carraway Inc. may implement a mandatory leave from work for employees who have traveled to affected areas for company business, as well as for those who experience symptoms consistent with illness, whether or not they have traveled to an affected area. Employees placed on mandatory leave will be prohibited from coming to work until they are deemed to be free of the illness by a certified medical professional. The decision to place an employee on mandatory leave will be based on the recommendations of public health officials, the risk of transmission to other employees, and the status of the pandemic.


Employees who travel, whether for personal or business reasons, as well as those who exhibit symptoms of the illness, whether or not they have traveled, are strongly encouraged to stay home and adhere to the current guidelines in place of a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine after returning from abroad.

General Provisions

The following provisions apply to employees who are on mandatory leave or under voluntary self-quarantine.

  • Employees may be able to work from home. This will be arranged on a case-by-case basis between the company and the employee, this is also dependent on your position/work responsibilities with the company.

  • Employees must monitor themselves for symptoms of illness and to seek medical attention immediately if symptoms appear.

  • Employees who exhibit symptoms of an illness may be eligible for additional leaves of absence under the new changes implemented by the federal government legislation governing Employment Insurance (EI) benefits.

  • Management reserves the right to make exceptions to the company’s leave policies and provisions in order to adequately address conditions for affected employees. This may involve granting additional leave and providing supports and services outside of those normally available to employees.

  • Carraway Inc. will ensure that any exceptions to accepted practice and policy are in line with applicable legislation and employment obligations and that the guiding principle for the exceptions is the protection of the health and wellness of Carraway Inc.’s employees, our customers, and the public.



Carraway Inc. seeks to create an inclusive culture for all employees and strives to prevent the spread of misinformation. The company prohibits discrimination and harassment in the workplace, which includes discrimination and harassment related to exposure to or contracting a disease. Employee privacy will be maintained related to any sickness or leave of absence to help prevent this from occurring. Employees who feel subjected to discrimination or harassment should notify management in accordance with the Workplace Anti-Violence, Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy.