Workplace Disinfection Policy


Carraway Inc. has adopted this policy to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our employees, and to provide a safe and healthy working environment. Carraway Inc. will ensure that our work environment is maintained in a clean and organized fashion as to minimize hazards to our employees.


Carraway Inc. work spaces shall be maintained in a clean and organized manner in order to ensure employees are working in a safe and healthy work environment. Work surfaces must be disinfected on a regular basis to eliminate dirt and the spread of germs. The following steps are to be followed:

  • Clean visibly soiled surfaces before disinfecting

  • Wear appropriate gloves when in contact with chemical solutions, and where specified by the manufacturer

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the safe and proper application of specific cleaning and disinfecting products

  • Ensure all WHMIS protocols including any information found on the SDS for the cleaning solution being used are followed

Ensure daily disinfection of surfaces and objects that are touched often. Items that require daily disinfecting include, but are not limited to:

  • Desks

  • Countertops

  • Doorknobs

  • Computer keyboards

  • Phones

  • Radios

  • Include any other items that required to disinfect on a daily basis