Diversity in the Workplace Policy


The Carraway Inc. is dedicated to providing an atmosphere free from barriers in order to promote equity and diversity. We celebrate and welcome the diversity of all employees, stakeholders and external personnel. It is the policy of Carraway Inc. to foster an environment that respects people’s dignity, ideas and beliefs thereby ensuring equity and diversity in employment. We demonstrate our commitment to this by providing a supportive work environment and a corporate culture that welcomes and encourages equal opportunities for all employees.


Carraway Inc. has specific policies in place to prevent any discrimination on the basis of the protected grounds in any employment, stakeholder or external personnel matter. As such, Carraway is dedicated to promoting diversity within the workplace.

All personnel actions regarding hiring, compensation, promotion, benefits, job assignments, transfers, lay-offs, return from lay-offs, company-sponsored programs or events, etc. will be taken without regard to race, colour, creed, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, family status, age, language or national origin.

Carraway Inc. will ensure that accommodations are made for individuals who require them. Individuals are encouraged to let Carraway Inc. management know of any accommodations that should be made.


Carraway Inc. will ensure that employees and stakeholders are culturally competent and may use various training initiatives to foster these competencies. These training initiatives may include:

  • Allowing awareness of one’s own cultural view

  • Encouraging positive attitudes towards cultural differences

  • Obtaining knowledge of different cultural practices and views

  • Teaching cross-cultural skills


Carraway Inc. is dedicated to recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce. By valuing a diverse workforce, Carraway Inc. is committed to hiring practices that are fair and equitable and will always hire the most qualified candidate for a position. We will ensure that the search and hiring process is fair and equitable so the appropriate qualifications of each candidate are the only criteria upon which a hiring or promotion decision is made.