Medical Leave Policy


Carraway Inc. understands that from time to time, employees will be required to take a long-term leave of absence from work for issues related to personal injury or illness. 

Upon approval, Carraway Inc. will provide leaves to accommodate employees in the event that an extended period of time off from work is required. Carraway Inc.’s Medical Leave Policy sets forth the requirements, responsibilities, and procedures to be taken in the event that an employee requires a long-term leave of absence from work. 


Guidelines – Responsibilities 

Employee Responsibilities 

  • The employee will adhere to the guidelines contained in this policy and will submit all documentation in accordance with the appropriate timelines. 
  • It is the employee’s duty to make his/her needs known to Carraway Inc.. The employee is to provide instructions about any restrictions or limitations on the work he/she is able to perform or his/her functional abilities. 
  • The employee will participate in discussions about potential accommodation solutions and work with the accommodation provider on an ongoing basis to manage the accommodation process. 

Employer Responsibilities 

  • Management will accept employee requests for accommodation in good faith and seek expert opinions or advice when needed. 
  • It is management’s responsibility to ask for more information if needed to facilitate the accommodation process. 
  • Management will take an active role in arranging accommodation. 
  • Management will keep all information relating to the employee’s medical condition and accommodation requests confidential to the greatest extent possible. Disclosure of confidential information will only occur if it is necessary for facilitating the accommodation process and will be limited to those parties directly involved in the process. 


Application Process 

In the event that an employee of Carraway Inc. needs to take a long-term leave of absence from work due to injury or illness, the following pre-approval steps are to be taken: 

  • The employee must submit to the Human Resources Department via email at a request for the medical leave at the earliest available opportunity. The request must include an expected return to work date. 
  • The employee must furnish a medical document completed by the employee’s primary physician attesting to the nature of the injury or illness and the anticipated timeline for recovery or rehabilitation. 
  • The employee’s supervisor and management will review the medical leave request and a decision will be made to approve or deny the request. 
  • The employee will be notified in writing (email) of the decision made by management. 

Actions to be taken during a Medical Leave 

Once an employee has been approved for a medical leave, the following guidelines shall be followed: 

  • The employee is responsible for submitting an updated medical documentation every 8 weeks OR 1 week prior to the return to work date stated in the previously issued medical document. The medical document is to be completed by the employee’s primary physician. The medical certification form shall contain the following information: 

The employee’s prognosis; and 

The estimated date of return to work. 

The employee shall make a reasonable effort to notify Carraway Inc. if there is any significant change in the employee’s medical status that will affect the anticipated return to work date or any accommodations needed. 


Return to Work Process 

When an employee is ready to return to work from a long-term leave of absence: 

  • The employee will inform the employer of any accommodations required along with supporting medical documentation of the accomodation required. 
  • Carraway Inc. will work with the employee to develop workplace accommodations that meet the employee’s needs wherever possible. 
  • Management will implement all recommendations for accommodation, up to the point of undue hardship. 


Return to Previous Position 

Carraway Inc. will hold an employee’s position open for a period of two (2) years. If an employee returns from a long-term absence at any point during this period, he/she will be returned to their former position. 

In the event that the employee’s former position no longer exists or the employee is unable to perform the required duties of the previous position, the employee will be offered a similar position and will be paid at a rate no less than his/her former rate of compensation prior to taking the leave of absence. 

Frustration of Employment 

If an employee does not return to work within two years or the employee fails to follow the medical leave policy, Carraway Inc. may deem that the employment contract with the employee has become frustrated and terminate employment in accordance with all relevant legislative requirements.