Recreational Cannabis Policy


The employees of Carraway Inc. are our most valuable resource, and for that reason, their health and safety are of paramount concern. Cannabis will be treated the same as all other recreational substances. Carraway Inc. has adopted this policy to communicate its expectations and guidelines surrounding cannabis use, misuse, and abuse.


Employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job can pose serious health and safety risks both to themselves and their fellow employees. To help ensure a safe and healthy workplace, and subject to very narrow exceptions, Carraway Inc. reserves the right to prohibit certain items and substances from being brought on to or being present on company premises.


The following expectations apply to employees and management alike while conducting work on behalf of the company, whether on or off company property:

  • Employees are expected to arrive at work fit for duty and able to perform their duties safely and to standard;

  • Employees must remain fit for duty for the duration of their shift;

  • Use, possession, distribution, or sale of drugs or alcohol during work hours, including during paid and unpaid breaks, is strictly prohibited;

  • Employees are prohibited from reporting to work while under the influence of recreational cannabis and any other non-prescribed substances;

  • Employees on medically approved medication must communicate to management any potential risk, limitation, or restriction requiring modification of duties or temporary reassignment; and

  • Employees are expected to abide by all governing legislation pertaining to the possession and use of cannabis.


Carraway Inc. will clearly communicate all expectations surrounding cannabis use, misuse, and abuse. To help enforce this policy, management and employees are expected to adhere to the following:

Management will:

  • Identify any situations that may cause concern regarding an employee’s ability to safely perform their job functions;

  • Ensure that any employee who asks for help due to a drug or alcohol dependency is provided with the appropriate support and is not disciplined for doing so; and

  • Maintain confidentiality and employee privacy.

Employees must:

  • Arrive at work fit for duty, and remain fit for duty throughout their shift;

  • Perform work safely in accordance with company-established safe work practices;

  • Avoid the consumption, possession, sale, or distribution of cannabis, other drugs, or alcohol on company property, and during working hours even if off company property;

  • When off duty, refuse a request to come into work if unfit for duty;

  • Report limitations and required modifications as a result of medically approved cannabis use;

  • Report unfit co-workers to management;

  • Seek advice or appropriate treatment, where required;

  • Communicate dependency or emerging dependency;

  • Follow the after-care program, where established; and

  • Abide by all governing legislation pertaining to the possession and use of cannabis.


Where an employee uses medical cannabis, it is expected that they will provide a copy of their medical documentation to use cannabis to Carraway Inc. and abide by the Carraway Inc. accommodation policy.


Employees found in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Where applicable, Carraway Inc. may also take legal action in accordance with the law.