Time Clock Policy


Carraway Inc. has adopted this policy to ensure that all employees accurately utilize the time clock provided in order to ensure proper documentation of time worked and accurate compensation.


This policy sets requirements that:

1. Must be followed by all Carraway Inc. employees in utilizing the time clock.

2. Must be followed by all Human Resources personnel in approving time clock entries.

The Time Clock Policy establishes an awareness of every employee’s independent responsibility for correct time accountability and the potential legal penalties associated with improper time charging. Carraway Inc. employees are required to report all hours worked, including the time of arrival, time spent on breaks and lunch, and time of departure.

The accurate completion of employee time records is critical to Carraway Inc.’s continuing effort to maintain the integrity of our cost accounting system. The following timekeeping procedures will ensure an accurate and complete recording of hours worked. Time records must be completed in a timely manner in strict accordance with these required procedures.


All Carraway Inc. employees are required to:

Clock in utilizing the time clock app (Humanity) at the beginning and end of each shift.

Employees who fail to utilize the time clock will have payment of their wages delayed until the next pay period and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Employees who forget to clock in or out must complete Form 6.7 – Time Clock Adjustment Form available online at www.carraway.ca/employee no later than 24 hours after their shift end time.

On “payroll” deadline days this form is required within 12 hours of the end of your shift.


In the event that individual time clock information is erroneous or omitted, management shall work to correct the record to accurately reflect the contributions of the employee and will engage the employee in a conversation to determine the hours worked and ascertain the reason for the erroneous or omitted information.

Falsification of the time record is an act of fraud, and will not be tolerated. In the event that it is determined that a time record has been falsified and additional time has been added for work that was not performed, or hours are included for the time where the employee was not present, Carraway Inc. shall terminate your employment.

In the event that it becomes apparent that an employee has used another employee’s timesheet account (Humanity) to clock additional hours for that employee, this is considered an act of fraud. All employees involved in the incident will face appropriate disciplinary action, Carraway Inc. shall terminate your employment.


Management will be required to review all submitted time records to ensure accuracy and completeness. In the event of a discrepancy, or omission, management shall ensure that the error is handled appropriately.

Management will review all-time records from the time clock, comparing them against all schedules and project logs to ensure their accuracy. All overtime will be noted and checked for appropriate approval.