Events and festivals: How to stay safe

As indoor and outdoor events and festivals resume and people begin to gather in larger groups, you may be wondering how to stay safe and healthy while the pandemic continues.

Staying safe at events
At Carraway, we offer parking management services at tradeshows, conferences, festivals, special events, and more. And so, we are used to managing the movement of large groups of people both in their vehicles and as pedestrians. 

As the province reopens to indoor and outdoor events of all kinds, many are wondering about the logistics of keeping visitors, guests, and those working at events safe from the spread of COVID-19. It’s something that we have spent a great deal of time considering as well. 

Safety at events of all kinds now encompasess two main focuses:

  1. The safe and organized movement of people and vehicles on-site with careful planning and execution of ingress and egress procedures

  2. A focus on safety from a health perspective: ensuring that masking and physical distancing mandates are met and maintained, etc.

With our recent work at vaccination clinics across the Greater Toronto Area, we have a first-hand understanding of the best practices and operational requirements at facilities of all kinds to ensure a safe space and experience for employees and attendees. 

This includes procedures such as:

  • People movement management
  • Physical distancing
  • Reinforcing mask wearing and hand hygiene 


Top tips staying safe attending events

  • Educate yourself on the safety protocols before you head out to the event
  • Leave yourself extra time to enter/exist the facility.venue (due to screening procedures)
  • Complete COVID screening questions ahead of time (if applicable)
  • Answer COVID screening questions honestly and stay home if you are unwell
  • Bring a mask (wear it at all times unless eating or drinking)
  • Carry hand sanitizer
  • Keep your distance (minimum of 6 feet away from those outside of your bubble)
  • Follow all on-site safety rules and precautions 


Safety in action
We work with each of our clients and sites to ensure that a comprehensive plan is put into place to protect everyone from the spread of COVID-19, without hampering the guest experience. 

Our goal is to do our part to create an elevated and differentiated on-site experience through a better arrival and departure experience and to ensure safety on-site. 

Recently, we helped a local business manage the flow of traffic to not only optimize their busy season/times, but also to keep their patrons safe. 

Specialized services included:

  • Lane closures as required
  • Traffic services
  • Ensuring the safe arrival of vehicles on-site 
  • Minimizing the chance of accidents on the main road
  • Parking maximization services so ensure that all available spaces are used
  • Ensuring the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, and property in a busy space

The result was a better customer experience, eased workload for employees, and a safer environment for all. Read more in our case study.

Similarly, through our parent company, The West Egg Group, we have designed, developed, and delivered numerous ambassador, people movement management, guest screening, and employee screening services for businesses with unique challenges related to the pandemic.

If you need help with your daily operations or for special event support, contact us. We delight in delivering a better guest experience while maintaining the highest possible degree of safety on-site.