Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle traffic management is a form of logistics which involves the planning, control, and oversight of vehicles in motion for the purpose of safe, organized and free-flowing vehicle movement.

Venues of all kinds can benefit from vehicle traffic management, such as: event venues, conference centres, shopping centres, healthcare centres, and more.

Parking management is the strategic operation and efficient use of parking resources.

Providing safe, organized, and efficient parking management solutions allows events to welcome more guests in a timely manner. And, it has the added benefit of providing a better arrival and departure experience. 

Parking solutions are strategies that solve parking challenges such as a lack of available space, volume of vehicles, high-traffic parking timeframes, assistance with direction etc.

A Crosswalk Safety Ambassador is an individual who provides safe passage for pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections. They are often viewed as pillars of the community and ensure that vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists move safely on and across our roadways.

Crossing guards are compensated a minimum $15.68 dollars an hour with a total $101 per day for completing the morning, lunch, and dismissal shifts.

No. Crossing guards are paid positions staffed by trained individuals to ensure pedestrian safety at crosswalks and intersections.

An outstanding crossing guard loves their community, builds positive relationships, and always acts with the safety of others in-mind.

The blue jacket difference is when we as a company perform duties, be it on the field or from behind a desk. At Carraway, we perform our work with pride, perfection, initiative, and purpose.