Feel-good community feedback

At Carraway, we’re proud of the excellent work our team members do and the relationships they establish within the communities they work. 

Often we receive notes from parents, children, and area residents about the professionalism and personable nature of our Crosswalk Safety Ambassadors.

Our latest piece of feedback came to us via a Twitter post. It read:

“Dear @311Toronto, the Crossing Guard at St. George and Bernard is by far the best crossing guard I’ve ever seen. He should be nominated for an award, and train other guards. Really impressive with his ability to keep kids and all humans safe.”

– Matthew Slutsky

The Crosswalk Safety Ambassador
this individual is referring to is Ulric Narinesingh — one of our best! Ulric leads by example and sets the bar for what it means to be a great crossing guard in service to the community. This isn’t the first positive piece of feedback our guards have received. Just last month we received praise about Crosswalk Safety Ambassador, Joseph Evangelou:

“I was shocked when I looked up trying to contact someone from the City regarding a crosswalk guard. All I could find was the option to file a complaint, yet my message is about an OUTSTANDING crosswalk person at Gledhill and Danforth. 

This man ALWAYS goes right out to protect the people, it’s almost like he is putting his body in a position to protect pedestrians. I always make sure to thank him. He is so pleasant and I am thrilled he is in my neighbourhood as I go for my daily walks.

Just wanted to say thank you.”

– Area resident 

We’re happy to say that the feel-good feedback seems to be a constant theme. Sometimes, these notes highlight not only the valuable service our team members provide, but the above-and-beyond moments that truly make an impact:

“I saw an ambassador (Nauman Patel) totally composed and protective of the kids crossing despite a driver who was irate and aggressive towards him. The driver was in the wrong and I wanted to acknowledge the person for a job well done! This occurred at the corner of Markham and McLevin.”

– Jennifer F.

To our dedicated Crosswalk Safety Ambassadors, we salute you. Thank you for all that you do, each and every day.