Province’s reopening plan means more traffic and line ups: Here’s how to prepare

After what feels like an eternity of lockdown and stay-at-home orders, Ontario has entered a phased reopening plan that is sure to mean more people moving around their communities, visiting with friends and family, shopping, patronizing restaurants and bars, and more. 


So what does this mean for roadway safety and businesses planning for increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow?

Here’s what businesses can expect and how to prepare:


People are anxious to get outside and to socialize. This means that businesses like retail and restaurants will be welcoming more in-store shoppers and diners,and line-ups are inevitable. Managing the guest experience through this re-opening should be a top priority for businesses. 


Our team at Carraway are experts in planning and executing bespoke people and vehicle movement services — everything from facilitating the management of people at vaccination clinics to vehicle traffic management at diverse venues. 


Leveraging our expertise and experience, our clients are able to: 


  • Manage the ingress and egress of people
  • Manage customer and visitor expectations
  • Maintain order with a systematic approach to people and vehicle movement
  • Deliver a better overall guest experience 


While limitations remain on occupancy rates and physical distancing measures are still in-place, businesses will need a systematic approach to managing guests. Talk to us about how we can help and learn more about our services.  


For individuals, here’s what to watch for:


The volume of roadway traffic is likely to increase as people move around their communities and visit other regions. Drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists should be aware of the potential dangers when changes to traffic flow arise. 

Here are some quick tips for staying safe:


  • Lock eyes to ensure that you see and are seen
  • Be aware of school zones, crosswalks, and crossing guards
  • Be ready for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles moving at different speeds
  • Share the road
  • Look out for large commercial vehicles and roadwork

To learn more about sharing the road safely and responsibly, read the blog post: 5 tips for sharing the road: Vehicle, pedestrian, and cyclist safety.