Parking Management Services

Carraway’s roots began with parking management at concerts and events and later grew to provide services at various venues, shopping malls, and hospitals. Now serving diverse industries, we manage each clients’ unique needs by implementing systems focused on recruitment, onboarding, training, customer-centricity, and accountability.

We provide the following parking focused solutions to maximize space, minimize congestion, and turn what is often a frustrating experience into an elevated one.

  • Wayfinding
  • Parking lot maximization strategies
  • Parking lot closures and re-routing planning
  • Pedestrian and vehicle congestion management
  • Parking enforcement & municipal ticketing
  • Vehicle safety services
  • Exterior building safety detection

    From ensuring a pleasant guest experience as they enter the property, to limiting liability due to things like tripping hazards, to reporting on-site accidents, we go above and beyond to protect our partners.


Refers to information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhances their understanding and experience of the space. Carraway provides wayfinding solutions including electronic and print signage and/or customer service representatives to multi-event venues, hospitals, shopping centres, and large corporate buildings. 

We focus on maximizing available parking spaces and accommodating guest needs. Venues are limited by the number of disability, expected parents, and reserve spaces. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can increase these spaces to suit your needs. We also assist in sourcing external parking solutions, shuttles, and contracting paid duty to ensure the number of people visiting a venue is not restricted by the number of immediate parking spaces available.

When a venue reaches capacity, a plan to reroute incoming vehicles is required. Our management team ensures that our clients are provided with the necessary resources in the form of equipment, signage, and trained staff with a focus on customer service to reduce the challenges your guests face.

Are you experiencing a high volume of people entering or exiting the property within a short period of time? Our team reviews exit strategies, traffic flow, lane control, and intersection management to assist with safe and efficient movement on and off the property.

Members of our team include Municipal Law Enforcement Officers licensed to ticket on various properties and our parking staff and officers can assist with vehicle removal. We leverage technology to track repeat offenders, and compile data and insights. Incident investigations are completed promptly to minimize liability from accidents, trips and falls, and safety concerns.

To ensure safe and effective enforcement and resolution, our team are trained as experts in resolving on-site disputes.