Road Safety Services

We proudly provide logistics and safety services on both public and private roadways for projects and programs of all sizes and durations.

Whether it’s a small-scale short-term project or an ongoing large-scale program, Carraway’s comprehensive planning, staff training, and standard operating procedure will reflect your job’s unique requirements.

Services Include:

  • Crossing Guard Services
  • Intersection and roadway control
  • Lane Control and Traffic Redirection
  • Flagging
  • Crash Trucks

Efficient and safe use of an intersection often requires strategic on-site operational planning and precise execution. Providing traffic redirection planning or management of an intersection to ensure a safe flow of traffic for all road users is one of Carraway’s many service offerings.

If your site is experiencing construction, congestion at peak hours, or a large number of people arriving/exiting at the same time, lane control or traffic redirection planning may be required. Carraway proudly offers such services at event venues, retail centers, construction sites, and are skilled in rerouting vehicle flow.

Flaggers, also referred to as TCP (Traffic Control Personnel) guide motorists around obstacles or manage speed and flow of traffic. This service may be paired with cones and devices in conjunction with communication to motorists. Carraway flaggers are provincially certified TCP. We emphasise customer service training prior to the provincially required training all TCP must undergo.

Also known as TMAs (Truck Mounted Attenuator), crash trucks are large vehicles often used on freeways and roadways for the protection of on-site workers and are designed to absorb the impact of a moving vehicle, decrease damage made to the vehicle, and reduce impact to prevent injuries and save lives. Carraway provides crash truck services through one of many partners in the industry.