Trade and Consumer Show Services & Festival Parking Management

The Carraway team are experts in large-scale event parking management and logistics services. From single festivals to recurring tradeshows and conferences, we execute a variety of pre-event and on-site services that contribute to the success of our clients’ events.

Save time setting up and tearing down your event by contracting Carraway to manage your exhibitor and event loading dock needs. Carraway provides strategies to ensure a better overall move in/out experience, including assisting with exhibitors, reserving docks, clearing areas for truck access, and maintaining fire route regulations. 

This service began when our team was assisting an event move into a venue. One of our managers overheard the phone call of an exhibitor in distress. The exhibitor’s team members were supposed to assist with setup but were delayed. Our manager offered their assistance and quickly mobilized a team. From that day forward, Carraway received inquiries for this service and have since added it to our portfolio. 

Carraway has experience following floor plans, assisting venues, hotels, and exhibitors move, set up, and organize their space. 

Services include: providing a selection of fleets of vehicles, shuttle bus staging, pick up/drop off areas, and boarding schedules. If you are interested in scheduling shuttles or need assistance with management, this is something that we are well equipped to assist with. 

Festival parking is a challenge due to the number of individuals arriving and exiting within a short period of time. Carraway can assist you with parking lot maximization, wayfinding, contracting, and on-site police management where required, along with a full traffic management plan.