Vehicle and Pedestrian Movement Study Services

Carraway conducted its first traffic assessment plans on a micro-level on private property and has since evolved to complex, large-scale projects and programs.

From reviewing pedestrian counts at a retail location to maximizing entry/exit at entrances at large venues, redirection during peak periods to later branching our services to construction projects assisting with traffic impact studies.

Installation of Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATR)

  • Intersection studies
  • Bicycle or pedestrian studies
  • Licence plate surveys
  • Origin destination studies
  • Travel time studies
  • Turning movement classification studies
  • Signal time studies
  • Parking surveys
  • Cordon counts
  • Queue and gap measurements
  • Radar gun studies
  • Bus occupancies
  • Passenger boarding
  • Peak periods

Carraway continues to adapt as new technology becomes available, innovating new workflows, systems, and processes for increased accuracy. 

Have you wondered how many customers or vehicles pass your store? We can assist you in turning this data into better business results.