Small acts of kindness: Community crossing guard goes the extra mile

Stories of kindness and compassion elevate our spirits and bring us closer together — particularly now when many of us are feeling further apart due to the pandemic.  


Today, we’re shining a light on a local Crosswalk Safety Ambassador Darien Topsom, whose simple act of kindness had ripple effects across the community.


Recognizing the need for compassion
A community member recently took the time to share her account of a heart-warming interaction between Darien and another member of the community. 


An elderly woman had approached the roadway and was noticeably hesitant to cross. Darien, recognizing her apprehension and nervousness, provided her with assistance. In a reassuring voice, Dairen offered to take her hand and helped to carry her bags as they crossed together. 


The onlooking community member remarked at how relieved and appreciative the eldery woman was. “It was one of the most tender moments I’ve witnessed during these COVID times” she recalled. “The two safely crossed the street, both wearing their masks — and in that moment, I was reminded of why I love Toronto so much. We may be a large cosmopolitan city, but humanity remains.”

The important role of the Crosswalk Safety Ambassador

When asked what the role means to her, Darien shared that “While it might seem like nothing to others — just walking someone across the street — I take it seriously. Anything can happen at any time, so being alert, keeping people safe, and knowing that I can help them get across a street safely is rewarding!” she said. “My coworkers and I take pride in what we do every day.”

When asked how she felt about receiving accolades for a job well done, Darien beamed, “I think it’s just absolutely touching that members of our community are taking time out of their day just to give us a compliment and notice the positive impact we are making out there while on the job. It warms my heart to know people do care about what we do!”


The Crosswalk Safety Program, managed by Carraway Safety, is the largest of its kind in Canada, with 742 crossing guards stationed at school crossings and intersections throughout the Greater Toronto Area. 


Look for the Carraway Safety team making the Blue Jacket Difference at a crosswalk near you. 

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