What is a Crosswalk Safety Ambassador?

We’re all familiar with the neighbourhood crossing guard. They’re someone we see almost daily. Perhaps you smile, wave, or say hello as you pass them by. These individuals are staples of the community and play an important role in keeping us safe. And, they contribute to the fabric and vibrancy of our neighbourhoods.


Within the city of Toronto, the Crosswalk Safety Program, managed by Carraway Safety, is the largest of its kind in Canada, with 742 crossing guards stationed at school crossings and intersections throughout the Greater Toronto Area. These individuals are hired as Crosswalk Safety Ambassadors — a job title that reflects their commitment and role within the communities that they serve.  


Part of the greater Carraway Traffic & Safety team — which provides superior pedestrian and vehicle traffic management solutions for events, municipal roads, and on-site locations — the Crosswalk Safety Ambassadors are proud to play a role in community safety and enrichment.


Look for the Carraway Safety team making the Blue Jacket Difference at a crosswalk near you.