What venues use vehicle traffic management?

All types of venues can benefit from vehicle traffic management services — operations that regulate and manage traffic flow while ensuring pedestrian and cyclist safety. 


In many cases, the need for vehicle traffic management is tied to specific functions, events, or projects. Examples include:

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, festival, or other special event, managing a large number of vehicles efficiently requires planning, careful oversight, and expertise. 


Private roadways
No matter what the traffic challenge, Carraway has a solution for you. Services include: traffic assessment and consultation, intersection and roadway control services, wayfinding and customer service representatives. 


Public roadways
On public roadways, construction areas often require the support of professional vehicle traffic management to create traffic control plans, signage plans, and equipment installation. Careful pre-planning is necessary for a safe operation, something that Carraway puts at the forefront of their projects.


For some venues, ongoing support is required to keep visitor traffic moving more efficiently. These types of locations include:

For larger hotels, assistance may be required to manage the arrival of new guests and departure of those checking out. Additionally, valet services may need to be integrated to support the guest experience and better manage parking availability.

Conference centers
For busy conference centers, vehicle traffic management is a must. With a near-constant influx of visitors at various times throughout the day — and with very busy peak hours), it’s best to outsource vehicle traffic management to the experts. 

Shopping centers

Shopping malls are frequently packed with shoppers coming and going during the day. Managing the flow of traffic helps to alleviate congestion and visitor frustration. During the holiday season, adding valet services is a great way to improve the shopping experience, reduce time spent looking for a parking space, and make the most of available spaces.  


Carraway Traffic & Safety is committed to providing superior pedestrian and vehicle traffic management solutions for events, municipal roads, and on-site locations.